Eclipse Application Form

If you would like to apply for a raiding position with Eclipse please fill out an application form below:

*Non-raiding members need not apply. Simply whisper sleep in game or in discord and we will throw you an invite :)

Before you apply, please connect to our discord server. There are public channels available for prospective members.
Are you over 18? *
A mature attitude is a must.
This includes experience outside of classic WoW.
Raid Schedule Commitments:
Are you happy to raid in our scheduled times, and be on time or early? *
We raid 7:30 to 11:00pm AEST (melbourne time)
We are all adults, and understand we have commitments outside of our gaming life, but will you endeavour to have good attendance or communicate with our officers if you cannot make a raid? *
Will you come prepared with the required consumables, reagents, etc? Our guild will strive to help provide all we can and request our members to assist each other in preparing. *
For example: raid logs, links to screenshots, videos, armory pages, off spec gear insights.
Are you comfortable with mature content? *
Do you have a microphone and are comfortable to talk if required? *